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Smoking remains the single largest cause of preventable ill health in Wales, and a significant cause of health inequity. Despite considerable progress in reducing the prevalence of smoking data from the Welsh Health Survey 2015 show there are still around 490,000 adult smokers in Wales. The survey also shows that over 2 in 3 smokers want to stop and approximately 40% of smokers actively try to quit each year.

The Welsh Government has set an ambitious annual target to treat 5% of the smoking population through NHS stop smoking services and to reduce adult smoking rates to 16% by 2020. In order to help achieve these targets, the Welsh Government’s Tobacco Control Strategic Board’s Smoking Cessation Sub-group is leading on the development of an integrated system for all NHS stop smoking services across Wales. The first step towards this was the launch Help Me Quit in April 2017.

Help Me Quit is:

  • a single brand for NHS stop smoking services in Wales
  • a bilingual website with information on all NHS stop smoking services in Wales
  • a contact centre team that provides smokers with access to all NHS stop smoking services including community pharmacy, Stop Smoking Wales and hospital based services.
  • making it easier for smokers to choose the best NHS stop smoking support for them in their local area
  • the best choice a smoker can make to quit smoking.

Visit the Help Me Quit website for further information.


How to refer to Help Me Quit

Smokers can access support via two routes.

Route 1 – Professional referrals

Smokers can be referred via another organisation such as their Health Professional (e.g GP, Dentist or Midwife), a local authority scheme, workplace or via a third sector organisation.

Personalised accounts for your organisation can be created via the e-referral system known as Quit Manager or you can use the Help Me Quit referral form for professionals online.

These referrals will be processed within 48 hours and the Help Me Quit contact centre team will call the client directly from a private/ withheld number.

For more information on establishing a referral route, e-mail the Help Me Quit team:

Route 2 – Self-referral

Smokers can refer themselves for stop smoking support directly through a number of routes:

  • Calling (Freephone): 0800 085 2219
  • Texting (cost one standard rate message): HMQ to 80818

Online by completing the short 'Request a call back' form.



The National Centre for Smoking Cessation Training (NCSCT) offers a range of e-learning resources and access to free online training in Wales on smoking cessation.

Public Health Wales is able to deliver a bespoke training package in Smoking Brief Intervention. During the session, participants will be encouraged to participant in skills based practice on delivering smoking brief interventions and how to refer smokers to Help Me Quit.

We would encourage those looking for training in brief intervention to access the MECC online e-module or to attend local MECC training in the first instance, you can find your local contact here.

If you are interested in finding out more about bespoke Smoking Brief Intervention, please email the team at Help Me Quit –


Contact information


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Call: 0800 085 2219

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