About Swansea Bay

In Swansea Bay University Health Board (SBUHB) the Public Health Team have worked alongside Allied Health Professionals to develop and trial a Train the Trainer approach to MECC. A small group of staff from Therapies Departments were trained to deliver MECC training to colleagues and took part in an evaluation (see evaluation report). Overall, it was found that MECC training increased;

  • Confidence to deliver MECC training to others
  • Knowledge about healthy lifestyles
  • Confidence to discuss healthy lifestyle 

Following on from the pilot an internal group was formed by Therapies staff with a focus on embedding the principles of Co-production and MECC into routine practice. A member of the SB Public Health Team currently sits on and helps steer this group.

Further training with Health Visitors, and organisations aligned with Swansea County Council Ageing Well Project has taken place and future plans include:

  • Promotion of E-Learning to all Health Board staff and other organisations
  • The development of a MECC champions programme
  • The introduction of health literacy principles into MECC training
  • Roll out of a further Train the Trainer programme with Health Board staff

Work, Wellbeing & You

DWP South West Wales District, SB Public Health Team, Cwm Taf Public Health Team, Hywel Dda Public Health Team and 1000 lives plus Team organised three events for Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) South West Wales District Staff on Making Every Contact Count. These events were named by DWP staff as ‘Work, Wellbeing & You’.

The events were held in September and October 2016 and thirty-eight DWP staff attended.  The aim of the events were to ensure that Job Centre staff feel empowered and confident to raise the issues of healthy lifestyles and discuss with the client to find appropriate services to change their behaviour. The events were practical and interactive, they were tailored for staff working with people when they are unemployed and involved training, reflection and networking with healthy lifestyle services.

Following the events, attendees have hosted smaller events in local job centres to pass on the messages to their colleagues.  There has also been an increase in referrals to healthy lifestyle services from DWP staff.

Contact: Beth Preece: beth.preece2@wales.nhs.uk 01639 507283