BCBCUHB Community Dental Health Team - Train the Trainer

Thursday, 19 December 2019

In February 2019 the Betsi Cadwaladr Public Health Team (BCPHT) delivered a one day MECC Train the Trainer session to three senior staff within the Betsi Cadwaladr Community Dental Health Team.

Pre and post evaluation of the session showed that;

¨ All participants gained new knowledge on using behaviour change tools and brief intervention techniques to improve conversations

¨ All participants showed an increase in knowledge of MECC

¨ All participants showed an increase in knowledge on healthy lifestyle topics

¨ 2 out of 3 participants showed an increase in confidence to deliver MECC training, with the 3rd person indicating they were already confident in training delivery pre session and remained the same post session


Following their Train the Trainer session, the staff members went on to disseminate the MECC training to colleagues within their teams, delivering to ten members of staff (Dental Health Educators and one Dental Hygienist) over 2 sessions.

Evaluation of the sessions showed;

¨ 100% of participants gained an increased knowledge of MECC

¨ 100% gained increased knowledge on behaviour change

¨ 100% increased their knowledge in services available to signpost for support

¨ 70% of participants indicated an increase in their knowledge on specific lifestyle topics

¨ 90% indicated an increase in their confidence to have a lifestyle behaviour change conversation

Trainer’s comments